A downloadable Iron Lung VR for Windows and Android

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Iron Lung VR is a complete recreation of Iron Lung in virtual reality.


You're a convict tasked with exploring the depths of the blood ocean. Your mission is to photograph all of the artifacts in a makeshift submarine. If you're successful, you will earn your freedom.


Original Iron Lung was developed by David Szymanski

Virtual reality recreation was developed by Jack Randolph.

*This was made with permission from David Szymanski*


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

1.1.1.zip 150 MB
1.1.1.apk 163 MB


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Are there any additional steps to launch this on SteamVR?
Cause just unpacking and launching it does not seem to work.

What HMD do you have?

Valve Index

It should be as simple as launching the app with SteamVR open and an HMD plugged in. I know people with Valve Index that have played.

Make sure that SteamVR is set as the default OpenXR runtime. Try running the app from inside the headset. Those may work. Let me know :)

The issue was the runtime, cause I switched from oculus to pure SteamVR it still had the wrong runtime.
Thank you for suggestion and for the VR adaptation!
It was amazing

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Sadly one of the biggest cares is kind of ruined in this version. And other things are WAY better than the original. Sad for me.


On your way to the first "fish foto" your proximity marker doesn't trigger. And in the foto where the fish appeares for the first time he doesn't dissapear when you take a second photo. Stopped playing at that point because it sort of ruins the entire scare of the game imo.

What things did you think were way better than the original? Just curious. :)

Is the ending always the same (without giving away what happened to me)?

It's the same everytime.


My biggest issues with this game where:
Buttons used to move the sub where very finnicky and hold an arm out on them for majority of the game was a bit tiring.
When crashing and loading the recent save I would spawn outside the sub, falling and respawning inside until I moved myself into the sub.
Other then that I had a blast with this experience, thank you!

Im trying to play on quest 1 and for some reason the photo function is not working. Everything else seemingly works but when I click the photo button, a black screen just pops up after it says processing image

Thank you for reporting this issue :)

Are you on Windows or Android (Quest Standalone)?

Are you using SteamVR or Oculus runtime?

I’m running standalone on quest 1 by sideloading the APK. Everything works fine up until I try to take a picture

Btw, will you plan to make the game wireless for oculus quest 2?

You can side-load the app using side quest. Download the . APK and look up how to side-load using side quest :)

Sure thing! Thanks for the help.

Hey! I was curious if you wanted to be a part of the flatscreen vr community discord, it will be really cool to have you on there and know for further updates an all that stuff

Sure, send me the server invite


I joined. My Discord username is JackaPacka#9204

Im talking to the devs right now, I will tell you if they respond me :)

Try talking to @elliotttate on discord, i think he can make you enter the server


AMAZING GAME! I can't believe it's free and it's masterfully done in VR! MUST PLAY to all VR FANS!!!!

Thank you so much!

before i play this how long is the game

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Around 1 hour long. There's a save system so you can split the game up into different sessions.